Blocked Drain Brisbane – How to Prevent Blocked Drains

Blocked Drain Brisbane

Most homeowners have to call a plumber at some point for blocked drains. Even if you take reasonable steps to control what gets put down your drains it is almost impossible to avoid all the things that can go wrong in your plumbing system.Visit Website here

From broken or collapsed piping to tree roots, general deterioration to hair, food, cat litter and all kinds of other contaminants – there are many reasons why your drains might be blocked. If the problem is not dealt with early it can lead to serious damage, water overflows and a health hazard for you & your family.

Blocked Drain Brisbane

Often, homeowners hold off calling a plumber until the drain is hopelessly blocked with water overflows, flooding, silt, waste, and major health & safety risks. The good news is that you can call a plumber now to prevent the worse consequences of a blocked drain.

You can also try simple home drain blockage treatments. Try pouring a cup of bicarbonate of soda and a cup of vinegar down the drain. This will create a fizzing action that breaks up drain blockages. Some stores sell caustic cleaners that are more effective and can break up tougher drain blockages. These should be used as directed and in conjunction with hot water. If these DIY methods do not work you can call a professional plumber to clear the blockage using a high pressure water jetter. At Design Plumbing, we use a US Jetter 4018 that can easily clear 150mm plus sized piping. It can also reach much further into your pipes than an electric eel which means less digging up for you.

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